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QUALITY INDOOR AIR (QIA) nternational Corporation provides project management for schools, businesses, and government agencies that wish to improve their indoor air. By establishing layers of protection to prevent the spread of viruses and other indoor air pollutant dangers, morale is boosted and absenteeism is reduced. By reducing, removing, and managing indoor contaminants, school staff and other business employees can rest easy and focus on their work knowing they are cared about and their indoor air is being managed.

QIA establishes custom Indoor Air Quality Management Plans, including follow-up training to provide sustainability. Building IAQ history is reviewed, a site- assessment is conducted including baseline measurements, indoor contaminants, hazards, and current IAQ Mgmt gaps are identified. These are a few beginning steps of our processes. Call for more information and project and contract pricing.

Radon-induced lung cancer can be prevented by testing and mitigating buildings for radon. QUALITY INDOOR AIR would like to present Radon Awareness seminars or classes to all interested groups, agencies, or businesses. Prevention of lung cancer is an opportunity that shouldn’t be wasted. Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer in smokers. With more time spent at home and inside, don’t you want to know what you are breathing? QIA employ certified and experienced NRPP Radon Measurement Professionals and Indoor Air Quality Specialists.

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