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Indoor Air Investigations

QUALITY INDOOR AIR’s honest values and integrity find our clients surprised when we promote fixing the cause of microbial growth rather than always testing for it. Mold is ubiquitous, testing is not always the best solution. We are strategic in our problem-solving and use efficient and cost-saving processes to save our clients time and money.

QIA Indoor Air Quality Specialists conduct walkthroughs visually assessing risks and hazards.  After the initial site visit,  any contaminants that need managing will be tested at a follow-up appointment. We understand that buildings and systems are unique and require innovative and strategic solutions.  We build sustainability into our services by offering IAQ Management Plans with available staff training.

Indoor pollution can be brought in from the outdoors, but often is created by choices of building materials, cleaning supplies, and general building hygiene.

Investigations are not always complicated or expensive.

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