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Quality Indoor Air's mission is to protect your quality of life.

Our Mission

We protect your QUALITY OF LIFE…by removing, reducing, and managing indoor environmental health risks.

Our Vision

To become the most trusted Indoor Air Quality company in the Indoor Environmental and Radon Industries.
To serve people all over the world and save thousands of people from lung cancer through radon testing and Radon Awareness education.

Why Choose Us?

Who We Are

Honest professionals with integrity and dedication to our communities

Quality Indoor Air International Corporation (QIA) is a cutting edge indoor environmental consulting company built on honest values and strong moral character. Our strengths of integrity, innovation, strategy, and sustainability is what QUALITY INDOOR AIR is built upon. Our passion for safety is also an integral part of our company culture. We put the safety of our employees and clients first. As dedicated and health-conscious professionals who work in high-risk industries; industrial hygiene, occupational health, and indoor air quality management, safety is an extremely important priority. We constantly research and track industry advances.

We strive for excellence as we uncover potential hazards, build relationships, and Create Healthy Spaces for families, businesses, government agencies, and schools. Our services are customized to meet each client’s unique needs using lean and strategic processes. Sustainable solutions and innovative strategies provide our clients hope, relief, and assurance of reduced future indoor air problems. We are results-driven problem solvers. Our specialty is indoor air quality: air flow, pathways, and sources. We understand the properties and the risks of radon, mold, lead, and other indoor dangers. Our passion for protecting your health and our desire to share this important knowledge sets us apart from other companies.

Quality Indoor Air RadonTesting
Quality Indoor Air RadonTesting

What We Do

We work within a lean and efficient processes.

Because buildings are being constructed more tightly to conserve energy, many times indoor air pollutants will reach dangerous levels. This is the reason sometimes you feel good in certain spaces and terrible in others, most of indoor air pollutants can’t be seen with the naked eye. Particulate matter sized 2.5 micrometers can enter your lungs and continue into your bloodstream and wreak havoc inside your body causing respiratory and heart disease. Radon gas (emitting alpha particles) decays into radon decay products (isotypes): polonium, bismuth, then lead (Pb) inside your lungs causing cell damage and can lead to lung cancer.

QUALITY INDOOR AIR brings hope and knowledge to reduce your stress by managing your risks, improving indoor, and promote good health.

QUALITY INDOOR AIR’s work platform is unique, comprehensive, and cost savings by nature. We work within a lean and efficient processes. We Create Healthy Spaces to give hope for a more joyful future.

When you hire QUALITY INDOOR AIR, you are essentially creating trust and credibility for your company, reducing your liability, increasing performace and production, and attracting the best talents.

Meet Our CEO Brooke Hanson

Innovative business leader and Lean Project Manager with a heart for people and a passion for Indoor Air Quality and Creating Healthy Spaces.

Indoor Environmental Scientific and Industrial Certifications:

  • ACAC Certified Indoor Air Quality Manager (CIAQM) 12 years
  • NRPP Certified Radon Measurement Professional 8 years
  • CMI Certified Mold Investigator
  • EPA Lead Safety RRP Professional


  • Bachelor of Science: Business Administration, Lewis-Clark State College, minors in Fine Art, Marketing, and Natural Science
  • Associate of Science: Business Administration, North Idaho College
  • Spokane Community College- Lean Six-Sigma Project Mgmt. Certificate

QUALITY INDOOR AIR (QIA) International Corporation was created out of a desire to help people protect their health and future through daily decisions based on scientific information. Passionate and honest employees caring and sharing IAQ knowledge in simple and clear ways to remove fear and confusion. Giving God the glory for every opportunity to inspire, inform, and protect others from indoor air hazards, while creating healthy spaces, is what QIA is all about.

Quality Indoor Air RadonTesting

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We protect your future and QUALITY OF LIFE by removing, reducing, and managing indoor environmental health hazards.

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